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2024 Volkswagen Golf GTI: last hurrah for manual gearbox

Jul 29, 2023

• Volkswagen will present a 2024 Golf GTI 380 edition, the last edition to feature a manual gearbox.

For those who appreciate the purity of driving, the manual transmission is often considered an essential element. That's why the announcement of Volkswagen's Golf GTI 380 edition for 2024, marking the last year of production with a manual transmission, resonates as a celebration without much celebrating called for.

Designed for the North American market, this version of the GTI celebrates the end of an era with a look back at the model's history.

A celebration of the pastThe name "380" is not chosen at random. It refers to the vehicle's internal model code, a nod to the "337" special edition of the fourth generation sold in 2002.

Exterior designTwo versions will be available: Autobahn and Performance, each with its own exterior design features. Distinctive features include 19-inch multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheels in high-gloss black, shod with high-performance summer tires.

The GTI 380 gets a gloss black roof and mirrors that contrast subtly with the GTI's iconic red exterior details. Two exclusive metallic colours, Pomelo Yellow and Dolphin Gray, add to the available colour options.

Interior and comfortInside, the Autobahn version of the GTI 380 features Scalepaper Plaid fabric seats and honeycomb accents, a nod to the GTI's rich history. For those choosing the Performance version, Vienna leather seating surfaces are standard, although customers can opt for Scalepaper Plaid fabric if they wish. The golf-ball-shaped gear knob, present on almost every generation of GTI, remains a constant feature.

Under the hoodThe GTI 380 is powered by a 2.0L EA888 turbocharged four-cylinder engine, delivering 241 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. This is the last Golf GTI to be offered with a 6-speed manual gearbox, with future models adopting the DSG dual-clutch transmission.

The Golf GTI 380 will be available from Canadian dealers from early autumn, with a starting price of $36,895.

In announcing this model, Volkswagen is not only marking the end of manual transmission for the Golf GTI, but also for the Golf R and Jetta models. It's a landmark moment, not only for the GTI, but also for the history of three-pedal driving.

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• Volkswagen will present a 2024 Golf GTI 380 edition, the last edition to feature a manual gearbox.A celebration of the pastExterior designInterior and comfortUnder the hood