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Another New Xbox Controller Design Has Seemingly Leaked

Jul 08, 2023

Pretty in purple.

It’s a tale as old as time at this point, but it looks like Microsoft is gearing up to release another new design for its Xbox Wireless Controller, and old mate billbil-kun has nabbed the details early.

This time around, it seems like we’re getting another in-store version of an Xbox Design Lab colourway like the Velocity Green controller that launched earlier this year, only this time it’s an Astral Purple design. The advantages with the dedicated Velocity Green release were that it was available on store shelves rather than a custom order, the face buttons were all a match for the body colour and it was slightly cheaper than ordering a near-identical one through Design Lab, so presumably that all rings true here as well.

The Astral Purple Xbox Wireless Controller will reportedly be released on September 19th, and should come at a cost of $94 AUD when it does.

The post from billbil-kun sharing the leak also shows roughly what this new controller will look like, aside from the buttons not matching, thanks to the Astral Purple colour being available for the controller body and analog sticks on Xbox Design Lab:

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