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Backbone One iPhone Controller Comes With Free $25 PSN Credit, But You'll Want To Hurry

Jul 04, 2023

Turn your smartphone into a portable gaming handheld.

By Brendan Hesse on August 30, 2023 at 12:36PM PDT

Costo has a limited-time bundle deal that includes the Backbone One PlayStation Edition for iPhone and a $25 PlayStation gift card for $100. The Backbone One retails for $100 on its own, so you're getting PSN credit for free with this offer. This deal only applies to the iPhone version (sorry, Android players) and is available online to all customers. You do not need a Costco membership to get the deal.

The Backbone One is GameSpot's pick for the best iPhone controller. Like other controllers of this kind, your phone slots into the grip and immediately pairs with the controller. The Backbone One PlayStation edition uses the PlayStation button labels and layout, making it the perfect way to play games via your PS5 or PS4's remote play feature.

It basically turns your iPhone into a portable gaming handheld similar to Sony's recently announced PlayStation Portal. Except, y'know, way cheaper.

Don't get too hung up on the PlayStation branding, either. Unlike the Portal, the Backbone One also works with non-PlayStation games--meaning your Backbone-equipped iPhone can play Xbox or Steam games via remote play, other cloud streaming apps like Game Pass or Amazon Luna, and App Store games with controller support.

We're not sure how long this Backbone One deal will be available, so grab the bundle at Costco's online store before it sells out. The $25 PSN credit will be delivered via email after using the Backbone App to set up your controller.

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