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Dana Offers Spicer Performance Differential Covers

Sep 11, 2023

Dana Incorporated offers Spicer nodular iron performance differential covers that it says are engineered for off-road performance and help protect the intricate differential parts on a vehicle. The differential covers also have the added advantage of coming pre-primed from the factory so that enthusiasts can efficiently customize the color of their differential cover, Dana says.

“Differentials are engineered with very intricate components and there is no better choice to protect those parts than genuine Spicer Performance differential covers,” said Bill Nunnery, senior director, sales and marketing, global aftermarket for Dana. “What makes Spicer Performance differential covers unique is that they are pre-primed so that enthusiasts can paint them the color of their choice, matching the color of their custom vehicle or choosing one that stands out on the road.”

The differential covers are built with ribbing to protect differential components from off-road hazards and provide greater housing rigidity, Dana says. Featuring a raised fill plug for increased fluid capacity on high pinion angles, Spicer differential covers come with the hardware and drain plug plus Spicer differential cover performance gaskets, making for easy installation.

Dana adds it offers a selection of genuine Spicer standard original equipment differential covers and aluminum finned differential covers with availability for Dana axle applications plus Jeep® Wrangler JK, JL and the Gladiator JT vehicles. Coverage is also available for the Ford vehicle 9.75 and 8.8-inch axle applications.

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