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Ennoventure Inc. Launches 'Enncrypto': A Fully Digital Solution to Combat Counterfeiting in the Automotive Spare Parts Industry

Jun 04, 2023

Cambridge, Massachusetts--(Newsfile Corp. - August 22, 2023) - Ennoventure Inc., a pioneer in covert anti-counterfeit solutions, has launched Enncrypto—a global fight against the menace of fake automotive spare parts. It aims to address all the significant aspects of the industry such as safety, reliability and performance of vehicles as well as protect its various stakeholders, including consumers and brands.

Enncrypto, developed by Ennoventure Inc., is a state-of-the-art SaaS platform that revolutionizes the authentication process. This innovative platform introduces invisible signatures directly onto product packaging. This is an innovative approach, unlike traditional methods that are dependent on legacy printing technology or ink, Enncrypto operates on a fully digital, CAPEX-free technology model. Cryptographic signatures are seamlessly integrated at the digital artwork level. Consequently, the resulting packaging can be effortlessly scanned by stakeholders throughout the value chain ranging from auditors and customs to distributors and, most crucially, end-users—using a smartphone for swift authenticity verification. This groundbreaking solution not only guarantees the integrity of brands but also ushers in a new era of advanced analytics for product scans, alongside fostering authentic brand engagement.

Ennoventure Inc. is committed to combating the menace of counterfeit automotive spare parts through its unique invisible signatures which can be embedded on the product, labels, and product packages with no dependence on legacy printers, inks & associated processes.

Commenting on this, Padmakumar Nair, CEO and Co-founder said, “We recognize our responsibility to protect consumers and the integrity of the automotive ecosystem. We urge all stakeholders, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, consumers, and regulators to join forces in eradicating the threat of counterfeit automotive spare parts.”

As Ennoventure Inc. takes decisive strides to secure the automotive industry from the threat of counterfeit spare parts, it remains dedicated to innovation, integrity, and accountability. By providing an innovative solution that combines innovative technology with ease of implementation, Ennoventure is empowering both manufacturers and consumers to make informed choices that resonate with trust.

About Ennoventure Inc.

Ennoventure Inc. ( is a SaaS company that is leading the product digitizing revolution with its anti-counterfeit solutions for diverse industry segments including FMCG, automotive, industrial spare parts and agrochemicals. With the power of AI and cryptography, the technology validates product packages and makes them smart and connected, thereby empowering stakeholders in the supply chain, along with end consumers. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA with its R&D centre in Bengaluru, India.

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