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Lotus Emeya 'hyper

Nov 08, 2023

The Lotus Type 130 became the battery-electric, 1,972-horsepower Evija coupe. After an ICE diversion for the Type 131 to become the Emira, the Type 132 became the battery-electric Eletre "hyper-SUV." The Type 133 four-door is nearly upon us, and we now know its name will be the Emeya. This corrects the error of thinking the sedan will be called the Envya, based on Lotus filing to trademark that name. A brief Emeya teaser for the "hyper-GT" before a debut September 7 announces a challenger to EVs like the Porsche Taycan, spicier variants of the Lucid Air, the Tesla Model S Plaid, and less obviously, the Polestar 5 from the also-Geely-owned sibling brand.

Naturally, the teaser offers just a small taste of what's ahead. We see a quartet of thin, hockey-stick LED headlights, finally exposed after Lotus hid the upper lights behind camouflage on prototypes. There's a full-width LED light bar in back, underneath the active spoiler at the base of the rear window. And a brief moment 18 seconds into the video shows a large front brake caliper in yellow, painted with the automaker's name and the words "Carbon Ceramic."

The Emeya will be based on the same internal package as the Eletre. If the sedan gets two output ratings like the SUV, the template indicates baseline performance from a dual-motor powertrain of around 595 or 893 horsepower, and battery packs of either 92 kWh or 120. European range estimates for the SUV come in at 373 miles for the less powerful S trim, 304 miles for the stouter R. With the sedan having less of a battle to fight against the wind, we'd expect those spec-sheet numbers to improve. Practical use could tell a different story, engineers saying they tuned the Emeya to be a driver's car and benchmarked the Taycan. The feature list should include an 800-volt architecture and fast charging up to 350 kW, all-wheel drive, rear-wheel steering, active roll control, and the Eletre's active front intake shutters.

Figured to be less than two inches longer than a Taycan, spy shots from last year showed the same minimalist driving space as the Eletre, but a dedicated four-seat interior. That extended center console could have been part of an option package, though.

The SUV isn't making it to the U.S. until next year. We figure the sedan should arrive here afterward, likely for the 2025 model year. We'll know more on September 7.

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