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Palia Maji Market Mayhem quest: Ice Cream Machine Part locations, item to make Eshe smile & more

Jun 08, 2023

Written by

Kiera Mills


30th Aug 2023 14:09


The Palia Maji Market Mayhem quest is one of the first new quests to be introduced with the new web event.

During the Palia quest, you'll be tasked with locating several objects like Ice Cream Machine Parts, an item to make Eshe smile and more.

If you're struggling with how to progress the quest in the game, read below for our full quest walkthrough.

The Maji Market Mayhem quest is the second main quest of the event, which triggers once you speak with Eshe after completing the 'Kenyatta's Cravings' quest.

Eshe will disclose that the event hasn’t gotten off to a good start, in part due to your antics with Kenyatta previously.

To progress the quest, agree to help and follow these steps:

The machine parts you'll need to fix Reth's fryer are located in the areas indicated by the image above.

Make sure you check around the market stalls, behind the stalls and near the tree line. The parts should shimmer with a white glow when you're near.

Once you have found all five Original Ice Cream Machine Parts, return to Reth who will reward you with one of his specially made Mochi Ice Creams.

Eat the ice cream to continue the quest.

Some players have reported a glitch where they eat Reth's specially-made ice cream, but the quest doesn’t register it.

Maji Market quests can only be handed in during market hours which usually last from 6 PM to 3 AM.

As such, you'll need to wait until the market begins again the next evening to complete the quest.

If you've already eaten the ice cream don’t worry, travel back to your home lot and it should spawn in your household inventory.

Once you have taste-tested Reth's specially-made ice cream, return to Eshe during market hours. Although you have worked hard to restore machines at the market, her faith in the event is still wavering.

To convince her that the market has hope, find an item to make her smile. To do this you will need to speak to the villagers and find out what Eshe would like.

To save yourself some time follow these steps:

As a reward, you will receive, 1,000 gold, a Maji Market Arch and 15 Renown.

That rounds off our guide to everything you need to know to complete the Maki Market Mayhem quest in Palia. Check out our complete list of the best Palia villager gifts to give for friendship points or see our Palia homepage for more tips and tricks.

speak with Eshe'Kenyatta's Cravings'Speak with DelailaSpeak to RethReturn to DelailaReturn to RethLocate five original machine partsshimmer with a white glowreturn to Rethin your household inventorySpeak to RethMochi Ice Cream1,000 gold, a Maji Market Arch and 15 Renown.