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Rumor: New Xbox Special Edition Controller Has Leaked

Jul 09, 2023

Some rumors in the gaming community are pointing out that a new Xbox Special Edition Controller may be coming out in late 2023.

It seems that a new Xbox Special Edition Controller may be coming out soon if rumors are to be believed. In today's modern gaming world, controllers have become more than just an interface to play video games. Many gaming companies have taken into account the stylishness of having many different designs of controllers. This is evidenced by the many Nintendo Joy-Con colors, as well as the special variants of Xbox controllers and PlayStation pads. The sheer number of looks and styles make some of these items valued collectibles by many fans.

Most new designs are mere color swaps that provide gamers a chance to own a controller that could possibly be their favorite hue. Some releases are tied to big hyped games that are coming out, such as the Starfield Xbox Controller. There are some controllers that even try to switch it up by introducing special functions, whether it be a different layout of buttons or even ones with bonus themes such as the previously mentioned Starfield one. Controllers have become a fashion statement for those looking to personalize their gaming experience.

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According to a leak found by dataminer billbil-kun, Xbox is rumored to be releasing an Astral Purple controller by September 19, 2023. While no further photos or details were provided, the Xbox Design Lab gave a visual clue on what the look might be once it comes out. Billbil-kun provided a mock-up of the rumored controller using the available Astral Purple color options on the Xbox Design Lab service, albeit with possible differences regarding some of the button colors. The possible price point of the item is said to be $64.99 or around £59.99 in the UK.

Billbil-kun has been known to be a reliable source of information as they previously confirmed the mystery Epic Games promotion from 2022, among other news such as various PS Plus lineup leaks. While they haven't revealed any other data regarding the said leak, Microsoft's numerous releases of special edition controllers in 2023 may point to this news as a high possibility.

The Astral Purple controller will join the list of many Special Edition controllers that Xbox has had since its inception. With many different options, Microsoft seems eager to provide gamers with their own personalized experience and choices that would define their preferred visuals. Many fans may expect a continuous flow of new color schemes and designs in the future should Xbox continue with its drive to provide unique colors, designs, and styles, not only for its controllers but also for console accessories.

The Astral Purple Xbox Special Edition Controller is rumored to be available on September 19, 2023.

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Source: VGC / Dealabs (translated from French)