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Apex Dynamics expands into hypoid gearboxes

Jul 09, 2023

Automotive Industry

Apex Dynamics has expanded into hypoid gearboxes with its BKM Series of high precision hypoid gearboxes which offer high torque, superior accuracy, excellent radial load capacity and low backlash in a design compatible with any motor.

Hypoid gearboxes are a type of spiral bevel gearbox. In contrast to traditional bevel gearboxes, they have non-intersecting axes, meaning they are not parallel, but rather are offset from one another. This provides them with hyperbolic rather than conical geometry.

Due to the tooth design, there is a greater contact area, meaning higher torques and gear ratios are possible, delivering greater precision. Hypoid gearboxes are compact and also offer smoother running properties, have quiet operation and can achieve lower backlash ratings than traditional bevel or worm type gearboxes. They tend to be used where speeds exceed 1000 rpm, or for lower speed applications that demand extreme smoothness or quietness.

Although hypoid gearboxes are currently a relatively small segment of the overall precision gear market, it is likely to grow faster than the general rate as a range of industries continue to see the benefits of the technology. This includes high-growth sectors such as robotics and automation. .

A range of industry sectors employ hypoid gearboxes in a variety of applications. Some of the key markets for hypoid gears are outlined below, along with the main benefits each industry derives from their use.

Hypoid gearboxes provide unmatched performance to the automotive industry when it comes to power transmission and are often used in rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive systems to ensure efficient torque transfer between the engine and the drive wheels. For the automotive industry, hypoid gearboxes deliver:

Hypoid gearboxes are used extensively in heavy-duty machinery that requires the transmission of high torque loads, with key advantages including:

Industrial robots present the greatest opportunity for the precision gear products market because of the precise controlled movements required, Interact Analysis research shows. The market analyst forecasts the market value of gearboxes sold into the industrial robots market will leap from $1 billion in 2021 to $1.9 billion in 2027. Hypoid gearboxes offer superior precision and efficiency, making them a good choice for robotic and automation systems, and key benefits include:

Hypoid gearboxes are proving popular with the renewable energy sector because of their efficient energy conversion and reliable power transmission. They are increasingly being used in applications such as wind turbines and solar tracking systems, with key advantages including:

Popular applications for hypoid gearboxes also include power tools such as circular saws, angle grinders and worm drive saws, where gearboxes are needed for the efficient transfer of power from the motor to the grinding or cutting elements. Performance advantages include:

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