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Grab A Great Handheld Nintendo Switch Controller For Cheap

May 24, 2023

Make your Switch experience more comfortable with this ergonomically friendly controller.

By Darryn Bonthuys on August 2, 2023 at 1:27PM PDT

The Nintendo Switch has cemented itself as one of the best gaming handhelds of all time, but it's not exactly the most comfortable device to cradle for long stretches. That's where third-party companies come in, as there's a wide range of controllers that you can switch out your Joy-Cons for. Take these NexiGo controllers for example, which provide better ergonomic support and come in a relaxing range of colors.

Usually priced at $60, you can save 43% on this Amazon deal that has the controllers discounted to $34. In addition to their hand-friendly grip, they also have few neat features like six-axis gyro movement support and dual-motor vibration functions. The controllers are also sturdy, are made of high-quality non-slip plastic, and come with extra joystick caps. They're also available in Mario-appropriate red and blue, although this set costs slightly more.

It's worth noting that the two aforementioned models are only for the regular Switch model, but there is an OLED Switch alternative. These cost a little more ($43), but are also available in the two color schemes and work on a regular Switch. These newer models also come with four remappable back buttons.

If you'd prefer to stick to traditional Joy-Cons, there's no shortage of these smaller and adorable controllers for the Switch. The most recent set that Nintendo launched is very easy on the eyes, as the pastel Joy-Cons come in a range of relaxing and soothing colors.

For a great controller to use when gaming on your TV, check out the current deal on the excellent 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth controller, which is discounted to its lowest price ever. You can also save on the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller at Amazon.

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$34newer models also come with four remappable back buttons