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Ram It Into High Gear competition happening this weekend

Aug 04, 2023

HELENA — The Ram It Into High Gear competition is happening this weekend at Last Chance Raceway.

“It’s loud trucks. And it’s fast trucks. And it’s your beaters out there, just trying to have fun,” says President of Ram It Into High Gear, Jacob Ogle.

The Ram It Into High Gear competition is a 3-day competition starting this Friday and running through the weekend. The event is in its 3rd year and will feature such competitions as side-by-side mud drags, mud bogs, and tuff truck short track.

Money raised at the event will go towards Ability Montana and the Montana Hope Project.

Andrea Sheek will be competing this weekend after traveling out from her home in Washington. After participating in similar events back in the 2000s, Sheek recently decided to pick the sport back up in September. But as this reporter learned it can take a lot of work and money to maintain these types of rigs.

“Gears, drive lines, gearbox, transmission, torque converter, fuel system, it’s all been redone,” says Sheek.

Sheek says that the love of the sport is what brought her back into competing.

“I’m pretty much a gearhead at heart. I love motors. I love racing. It was something that made me very happy. So, it’s time for mom to not – I can’t work anymore, so let’s do something that I can do, that I enjoy, and my family can all come along and have fun too,” says Sheek.

Most importantly, I heard from not only Sheek but also Ogle that this community of competitors is more than just drivers.

“It’s family. It’s family. Every racer out here is family,” says Ogle.