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Safety gear at top of Mesquite parent's minds as new school year looms

Aug 10, 2023

By Erin Jones

August 4, 2023 / 10:17 PM / CBS Texas

MEQUITE ( - North Texas parents are gearing up for the start of the new school year, some quicker than others.

Mesquite ISD starts this Monday and district officials say you'll notice new safety and security measures are in place.

As her Mesquite ISD 5th grader gets ready for the new school year, Tiffany Wade is shopping the sales.

"I found $5 T-shirts, $6 T-shirts, $12 shorts," she said.

Another thing he'll need is a see-through backpack. This year the district is joining other districts like Dallas ISD in requiring them for students for safety purposes.

"I like the clear backpack idea because you get to see what they take to school," Wade said.

"I feel like every student has different mindsets and now you can just kind of see," Dallas ISD student Victoria Osorio said.

The middle schooler said they make her feel safe, but finding one has been hard.

"I'm not understanding why the stores are not making them more available," her mom, Vanessa, said.

Both districts are offering free ones. Additionally, this year, Mesquite students and staff will notice a new film on windows and doors at all schools.

"Ideally, it gives us time to see someone is trying to do damage," Asst. Super Admin Services Taylor Morris said. "We can go into a lockdown, we can go to secure places, get our school locked down."

"I like the fact that they're trying to secure it more, but you really need more security than that.. you need better awareness with people being there," Wade said.

Mesquite ISD is also upgrading its schools to have automated monitoring systems. They would alert the district if an exterior door was left open or unlocked.

Raised in Richardson, Erin Jones is proud to call North Texas home. Her passion for journalism began in elementary school. For a 5th grade graduation memory book, she was asked what do you want to be when you grow up? She wrote journalist.

First published on August 4, 2023 / 10:17 PM

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