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Where to find Meshing Gear in Genshin Impact

Feb 06, 2024

Genshin Impact has a huge list of items you can find and farm for in the overworld. These items are often required to ascend your characters and make them stronger, so it’s important to know the locations of these items and establish a farming route. The Meshing Gear in Genshin Impact is a special ascension mat found only in the region of Fontaine, introduced in Version 4.0. This item is used as an ascension item for some characters in Genshin Impact, so you’ll need to know where to find this item. Here’s where to find Meshing Gear in Genshin Impact.

You can find Meshing Gear by farming Meka enemies in different sections of Fontaine. This is an item you can obtain by defeating enemies rather than farming certain item locations. There are 103 different Clockwork Meka enemy spawns, meaning 103 different opportunities to farm Meshing Gear. You can get a minimum of 103 Meshing Gear per day. Each enemy spawn respawns each day, meaning you can farm this route every day. Here are the locations of Meshing Gear in Genshin Impact:

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Meshing Gear is used as a character ascension material for some characters in the game. As of Version 4.0, the only character to utilize Meshing Gear as an ascension material is Lynette. This will change as more characters from Fontaine are released, so it’s worth prefarming these items in your daily farming routine. Meshing Gear are also important to ascend these items to Mechanical Spur Gear and Artificed Dynamic Gear, two higher-tier versions of Meshing Gear. Meshing Gear is also used as a weapon ascension material used to ascend weapons and make them stronger. The weapons that use Meshing Gear are the Rightful Reward and the Tidal Shadow.

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103 different Clockwork Meka103 Meshing Gear